Free Discovery Call

This is a 15 minute phone call to discuss your nutrition concerns and to see if my services are right for your needs. It's totally free and is recommended prior to first-time bookings.

Disordered Eating/Eating Disorders Consultation

1 hour: €110 / £95        (except Initial Assessment: €125 / £110)

30 minutes:  €55 / £48

Appointments for Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating take place over Zoom. Calls are secured with end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy and security. 

Prior to the call I'll ask you to complete a medical history form and a food diary if appropriate. The service may be suitable for you if you're an adult or under 18 with an Eating Disorder such as Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, or ARFID. It may also be suitable if you do not have an Eating Disorder but have Disordered Eating and/or you wish to improve your relationship with food.

To provide the safest service possible and to ensure that I’m working within best practice guidelines, I may require that you also work with a therapist, and have regular GP appointments.

I can provide tailored meal plans to support you in nutritional rehabilitation. Meal plans involve some degree of flexibility which we will expand as your recovery progresses.  Nutritional rehab is not only essential for overall health but also vital for the function of the brain and nervous system. Research shows that having a well-nourished brain can enable you to better engage in psychological therapies and therefore get more out of your therapy sessions as you work towards recovery.

If I feel that you require more intense support than I can provide on an outpatient basis, I can signpost you to services that I feel are appropriate for you, and I can discuss with your GP. Having the most appropriate treatment for your needs is vital for recovery as well as safety.

I use an evidence-based approach and a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach. HAES is based on scientific research that shows that health is not intrinsically linked to body size in the way that was once believed (and still is believed by many health care professionals). While there is good evidence to suggest that being underweight will increase an individual's health risks, the same does not appear to be true when looking at weight alone in larger body sizes, except at statistical extremes. Instead, we now know that it's health behaviours that are central to our wellbeing, and that healthful behaviours do not effect everyone’s body size in the same way.  

A HAES approach can be helpful in untangling misconceptions about nutrition and health, and can help in cultivating a balanced mindset, which ultimately promotes improved health outcomes.

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General Nutrition Consultation

1 hour : €110 / £95     (except Initial Assessment: €125 / £110)

30 minutes:  €55 / £48

General Nutrition consultations take place over video call. Calls are secured with end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy and security. Prior to the call I'll ask you to complete a medical history form and - if appropriate - a food diary. The service is suitable for under 18s and adults wishing to deal with a medical condition. I've supported clients in managing a range of conditions including IBS, coeliac disease, allergies (e.g. non IgE milk allergy), intolerances (e.g. lactose intolerance), heart disease, high cholesterol, NAFLD, dysphagia and poor appetite, and nutritional rehabilitation following surgery/illness.

I'll provide a nutritional assessment taking into account your current and previous health history, diet, and lifestyle factors. We'll discuss where adaptations can be made to improve your nutrition & wellbeing, and explore how you can put these into action. I can give you the tools to create your own balanced meals and snacks - this gives flexibility and tends to be more effective than a prescriptive meal plan. Nutrition and health are about the long-term, so you'll learn skills for maintaining the changes you've made.

You'll also have optional access to your own online portal to log your foods, moods and activity to see how different choices affect how you feel - some people find this motivating, while others prefer a more hands-off approach to nutrition. However you choose to begin your nutrition journey, I will guide you with tailored advice, based on scientific evidence, and support you in reaching your health goals.