This is a super simple Greek dish called louvi. Traditionally, dried black eyed beans would be used, but I find making it with tinned beans is just as delicious.

Simple food can be just as nutritious as fancy ensembles, and when there’s so much other stuff going on, sometimes simple is just what we need.


– 250g fresh or frozen spinach
– 2 tins black eye beans
– Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling
– 1 lemon for squeezing
– Bread for serving


1. If using frozen spinach boil a pan of water and heat the spinach according to packt instructions
2. Drain and rinse the beans. Heat up in a medium pot with a splash of water
3. When warm stir in your cooked or fresh spinach. Fresh spinach will wilt into the hot beans. Stir well.
4. Cut the lemon into 4 wedges
5. Dish the beans and spinach mixture into bowls. Drizzle each portion with some olive oil and squeeze a wedge of lemon juice over.
6. Enjoy with a couple of slices of bread

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