Easy brunch recipe: Courgette and Egg on Toast

This simple healthy brunch recipe is an easy way to get a balanced and tasty meal on the table in no time. It works well for brunches, but also makes a delicious breakfast or dinner!

Humans have been cooking the versatile egg for a very long time – there’s evidence that the Ancient Romans enjoyed both scrambled eggs and omelettes.

I wonder if they knew that eggs are a source of: b vitamins for energy production, selenium for the immune system, and folate for healthy blood and the regeneration of healthy body cells…?

Method, for 2 portions:

Fry about 2 tsp olive or rapeseed oil in a frying pan, once hot add in 3-4 medium courgettes that have been halved and sliced into 0.5cm semi-circles.

Cook over a low-medium heat until courgettes are soft. Turn down the heat to a low setting.

Crack 4 eggs into a jug, whisk with a fork to blend, then pour the eggs over the courgettes. Keep moving the egg mixture around with a spatula, stirring slightly to cover all of the courgettes and to prevent the egg from sticking to the pan. Cook for a few minutes, until you see that the eggs are cooked. Season to taste.

Then remove the courgette and egg mixture from the pan with the spatula.

Serve with 2 slices of warm toast per person, and salad veggies like tomatoes and carrots for even more fibre and nutrients.

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