Foods like lentils, grains, and seeds are super nutritious as they are, but sprouting them is a fun way  to turn them into something different, and increases the availability of some vitamins and minerals. They can be kept raw and used to add extra energy and other nutrients to salads, smoothies and sandwiches; toasted and used as a topper for porridge or yogurt; or cooked into a stir fry or soup.

To sprout buckwheat: Soak buckwheat in water for about 8 hours; drain and rinse; place buckwheat in jar or a sieve over a bowl and fix some muslin cloth over it (ensure air can circulate); keep moist and rinse every few hours; then see your buckwheat start sprouting in a day or two!

The rinsing and air circulation is important to prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, and once sprouted, they should be kept in the fridge to keep fresh.

Other grains, plus nuts, seeds, and legumes are easy to sprout too, but the soaking and sprouting time might vary. You can’t go far wrong, have fun!

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